Crafting Policies to End Poverty in Latin America: The Quiet Transformation (In press, Cambridge University Press)


"Does Corruption Information Inspire the Fight or Quash the Hope? A Field Experiment in Mexico on Voter Turnout, Choice and Party Identification" (with Alberto Chong, Dean Karlan, and Leonard Wantchekon), Journal of Politics, Forthcoming

"How Corruption Breeds Clientelism", in Dominguez, Jorge I. et al (eds.) Mexico's Less Than Perfect Democracy: A Comparative Study of the 2012 Elections.  The Johns Hopkins University Press. Forthcoming.

"Do Conditional Cash Transfers Affect Electoral Behavior? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Mexico"  American Journal of Political Science, Vol. 57, Issue 1, pp. 1-14.

Supplemental Information Replication files

"The causal effect of media-driven political interest on political attitudes and behavior" (with Daniel M. Butler), Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 2011 Vol.5:No. 4, pp 321-337

"Does Religion Distract the Poor? Income and Issue Voting around the World" (with Jonathan Rodden) Comparative Political Studies , 2008 41: 437-476

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"Experimental Research on Democracy and Development" (with Leonard Wantchekon), contribution to Cambridge Handbook of Experimental Political Science, Cambridge University Press

"Experimental Turn in the Study of Democratization" contribution to the Comparative Democratization newsletter, APSA, Volume 9, No. 3, 2011

"The Research Agenda with Respect to Risk Aversion" (in Spanish, with Alejandro Poire) Gaceta de Ciencia Politica, ITAM, no. 1, 2000


"Credit Claiming and Votes in Multi-level Governments, Evidence from an Infrastructure Program in Mexico" (with Miriam Bruhn)

- Presented at APSA and Comparative Political Economy Workshop at Duke

"Do Conditional Cash Transfer programs influence political parties' strategies to win votes?"

- Presented at APSA

"How corruption breeds clientelism" (tentative title, with Dean Karlan)

"Institutions, Elite Capture and Welfare Inequality in Mexico" (with Fernando Martel García)

"The Impact of Random Audits on Municipal Public Service Delivery" (with Fernando Martel García)

"Elected Versus Appointed: Selection of Community Representatives and the Location of Municipal Infrastructure Investments" (with Fernando Martel García)

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